Risk Assurance Service

Helping organizations navigate technology risks

Your technology business challenges

Today’s information technology landscape is continuously evolving, making IT risk management more critical than ever. Understanding your technology risks and how they impact your business objectives is paramount. 

Organizations faces risks from:

  • Misalignment between IT and business strategies
  • Cyber security and incident response
  • Data protection and privacy management
  • IT resiliency and continuity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Resource and talent skills challenges
  • IT program execution
  • Technology vendor and third-party
  • Technology operations – cloud/virtualization, mobile, analytics
  • Emerging technology and infrastructure changes – transformation, innovation, disruption

Our responses

With technology increasing in sophistication and complexity, it is essential that the board and senior management have access to leading edge IT risk assurance skills that will bring value and insight to their business. Organisations need to re-align their IT risk management processes to meet constantly evolving technology innovation, regulatory requirements and strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and efficiency of controls strategies. 

An Independent IT assurance services from DEPL Consulting will appropriately assesses technology risks and the control environment as they relate to your critical business processes. this gives the the boards and the executives the comfort on the overall processes for managing technology risk in today’s challenging environment, improve financial control and regulatory reporting systems, and increase the shareholder's value.

Benefits for your organizations

Our assurance team offers a broad range of innovative, high-quality and cost effective services to our clients that will help you:
  • Leverage industry and technical expertise to help you manage your business risk effectively.
  • Assist in assessing project risks and controls.
  • Enhance your internal audit functions so that they align to your company’s strategy and risk.
  • Reduce your costs through strategic internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions.
  • Increase the value and reduce the costs of your compliance-related activities.
  • Identify untapped opportunities to effectively mitigate your risk and improve your business performance.
  • Apply enterprise risk management concepts to help identify, assess, mitigate, and proactively counter emerging risk.

How DEPL Consulting can help

An Independent IT assurance services from DEPL Consulting will appropriately assesses technology risks and the control environment as they relate to your critical business processes. This gives comfort to the boards and the executives that IT risks are well managed in a way that is in line with their business strategy and maximizing business benefit. Our IT audit services covers:

  • IT applications review
  • IT governance review
  • IT operations, systems support and change
  • IT infrastructure and controls reviews

  • IT due diligence services
  • Third party assurance services
  • Project assurance
  • ERP controls and assurance

Effective IT risk management requires high-quality internal audit functions that go beyond testing the administrative procedures and control measures. At DEPL, we work with you to transform your internal audit function into one that can identify enterprise-wide cost efficiencies, provide strategic insights that improve business performance and deliver strategic business value. Our internal audit services covers:


DEPL can step in as a highly qualified and experienced IT audit partner to a company’s internal audit function in either a co-sourced or outsourced capacity. Our solutions range from complementing your in-house internal audit function with our technical internal audit skills, subject matter and industry knowledge industry specific capabilities or wide geographical coverage to full outsourcing of your internal audit function.

IT risk and controls reviews

Our goal with IT risk and controls review is to evaluate the design and operational effectiveness of your IT internal controls. Our IT internal auditors have broad expertise to assist in the annual planning and scoping process to the execution of all types to technology-related internal audits ranges covering:

SOX 404 compliance programs

IT general controls

IT internal control over financial reporting

IT audit quality assurance reviews

We work with the company’s executives in providing an independent review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal audit functions and their strategies.

We offer an integrated approach to risk and help clients build a resilient and successful business. This involves identifying and maximizing opportunities, protecting reputation, mitigating downside threats, designing and implementing an optimized control environment and ensuring compliance to statutory and regulatory norms. Our business resiliency services covers:
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery programs
  • IT risk management programs
  • Regulatory compliance