Our Purpose and Core Values


Our core values influence every aspect of our culture and business strategies. It bring a unifying focus to the way we work, who we are and what we stand for. The DEPL commitment to superior client service is embedded in our SMARTER principles


Our Purpose is to Build a Sustainable Relationships for Lasting Success

DEPL corporate philosophy reveals the underlying beliefs, defines the ideal image and serves as a foundation upon which we conduct our businesses. The principles we embrace are deeply enshrined in our corporate mission and culture, form our corporate governance, dictate the quality of service we provide and define how we relate with ourselves and our clients.

Our corporate philosophy centered around three key components which are fundamentals to “building a sustainable relationships”: our clients, our people and our firm.

Our Clients

Our clients come first; always. We understand that solid and valued relationships with our clients are critical to our shared success.  We consistently add value to our clients‟ businesses through combination of innovative ideas, valued insights, professional competencies and world-class solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Our People

Our people are the most valuable assets we cherish. We strive to attract, develop and retain the best professionals with high level of trust, integrity and objectivity. We create a balanced, motivating and rewarding environment as well as the tools and career advancement schemes needed to succeed in their assignments.

Our Firm

The success and growth achieved by our clients, coupled with the growth and development of our people, will intrinsically lead to the success of our business as an accomplished organisation in terms of growth and profitability.