The reliance on IT systems by organisations to deliver business value is on an increasing trend and as a result organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent risks from such reliance. The pace of IT change, regulatory pressures and increasing dependency on IT also represent a significant challenge for companies in an effort to remain competitive and comply with existing and emerging regulations.

At DEPL, We help organizations address business issues, providing insights into the threats inherent in today’s highly complex IT environment, respond to emerging regulations, handle challenging regulatory interventions, and provide independent assurance for executive management that their technology risks are well understood, managed and controlled. We offer independent and professional Audit and Assurance services in accordance with International Auditing Standards and best practices aiming at delivering real value that exceeds your expectation.

Our talented practitioners possess the necessary business and technical skills that enable us to deliver assessments in the areas of IT audit, project assurance and due diligence.